• Can I get pre-approved for a mortgage?
    Laurier Homes will have a mortgage specialist for each of our sales offices that are available to answer any of your mortgage-related concerns.
  • Does the builder require proof of a mortgage approval?
    You should provide a copy of your mortgage preapproval at the time of signing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and whenever the builder requests a copy, usually before closing.
  • When do I get to choose my colours and décor upgrades?
    You will be contacted by our Décor Consultant within a few months of making your purchase for your colour appointment and what upgrades and extras are available to you. Subsequently, you will be able to browse through the Laurier Homes samples on display in preparation for your colour appointment.
  • How do I know what school my child/children will attend? Are they going to be bused?
    Visit the website for the District School Board in which you will be living or contact the Board by phone.
  • If mailboxes are not yet provided at closing, how do I pick up my mail?
    Visit the local post office. You will need to show a Certificate of Completion and Possession form (CCP), which you will receive prior to closing. You may need to call Canada Post to arrange for mail pick-up. Mailbox units will be placed in your community once major construction is finished. You will be able to locate the mailbox stations throughout the project, as noted on the site plan, ask sales staff for details.
  • What is the standard placement of light fixtures in our home?
    Please review the Features list that is handed out as part of the marketing material in our sales office, or Schedule F of the Agreement of Purchase and Sales.
  • What is the standard placement of electrical outlets?
    Electrical outlets & switches are installed in accordance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.
  • What is the standard location of cable and phones?
    The Phone and Cable lines are indicated on the floor plan on the brochure that you would have looked at in the sales office.
  • When can I expect a tax bill representing both the land and the house?
    Land taxes may be available, but the taxes levied against the house itself may not be available for a period from six months up to three years. The supplementary billing for the house portion will be retroactive to your occupancy date, and will be payable in "one" installment. You may want to start putting funds aside in anticipation of the supplementary billing. Eventually, the land and the house billings will be combined into one total to be billed over four regular installments per year. The estimated realty tax will be noted on the Statement of Adjustments including any payments made on your behalf.
  • Can the town/city provide an estimate of what the house taxes will be?
    Basic formula for calculating property taxes is "assessment value X tax rate." An estimated assessment value can be established by contacting the Ontario Property Assessment Corporation at 1-800-387-5909. The assessment agent will work with you to determine the estimated assessment value. Example: if the tax rate is 1.241505% multiply that with the house assessment value $500,000 = $6,207.53 Please note that the tax rate used in this example is for demonstration purposes only. Contact your local municipality's tax department to find out the tax rate that applies to your property.
  • How soon after the PDI is done will Items on the PDI be fixed?
    Laurier endeavors to clean up items on the PDI's within the 30 days after the inspection, however, some items may be trade related for which the trade company will contact each homeowner to schedule the repair.
  • Does Laurier Homes professionally clean the duct work?
    We do have the elbows cleaned and debris removed, but it is recommended that homeowners have them professionally cleaned when they move into the home.
  • Where do I pick up our recycle bins?
    You can pick up your recycle bins the day of closing at our construction office.
  • Where can I get a copy of the garbage collection schedule for my street?
    You will need to go onto the local municipal web site, search for garbage collection and follow the instructions to obtain the schedule.
  • What utilities do I need to contact to set up my accounts?
    Depending on the location of the project, it will be Enbridge for Gas, Direct Energy for the Hot water Tank, and the local Electricity Company such as Power Stream.
  • Where do I get the keys to my home on closing day?
    Once we have been notified of the title transfer, you will be called by someone from Laurier Homes who will let you know where to pick up your keys.
  • Who takes care of the build-up of mud on the roads and construction debris?
    Laurier Homes is responsible for clearing up debris and street cleaning while a site is still under construction. Street cleaning usually happens at the end of the week or more frequently when needed.
  • When will I get my driveway paved and sod layed?
    Driveways need to settle properly before asphalt is installed, our policy is to install a base coat of asphalt when weather permits. The asphalt is laid once, after the instalation of the curbs & sidewalks have been completed and a final coat of paving the following year. Subsequently, sod can be installed starting in the spring through to the fall.
  • When does fencing get installed?
    Community fencing is installed as part of and as indicated on the site plan, the overall landscaping theme of each project and as part of the subdivision agreement with the municipality for corner lots or lots adjacent to the Community Mail Boxes.
  • Can I visit my house while under construction?
    No, we do understand that you will want to view the progress of your new home as it is under construction, however for Health and Safety reasons you should not be on the construction site or entering into your home, it is not allowed. As part of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale you have acknowledged that you will not enter the home during construction.
  • Is there public transportation nearby?
    Most Laurier Homes communities have local and/or regional transit service nearby as well as easy access to GO bus or train service. Our sales staff will have information pertinent to your community but you can visit the municipal web www.gotransit.com site or Toronto Transit Commission at www.ttc.ca or GO transit at for more information.